Tapping Our Power to Create

Being a maker means courageously engaging our inherent ability to create and design the physical world around us alongside our mental, emotional, and spiritual environments. It means taking inspirations of abstract concepts, contemplating them, playing with them, exploring them, testing them, and when they are ripe - birthing them forth into expression. This jewelry line is an outpicturing of this process and is offered forth in celebration of all of our Divine, Inherent Creative Capactity!

It all began with a loving nudge

I am a Washington, DC based artist focused on how to bring abstract concepts into mental, emotional, and physical manifestation. Her work is deeply intertwined with her mediative practices and studies in occult sciences. Utilizing jewelry as one way we creatively engage the physical world around us, they ask – where does our identity lie and how are we able to express our unique keynotes? This is a perpetual process of exploring how expansive concepts may be simplified, shining light in their purest essence. How can our words, thoughts, and actions be crafted to more clearly reflect our truth? The beauty lies not only in the outcome, but the processing itself.

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We are now accepting wholesale inquiries and are available for wholesale purchase. Have a specific design in mind or are you a creator who would like to do a collaboration? Let's see what magic we can make happen!