Do you do custom orders?

Sometimes! Email me at jen@jenpape.com to let me know what you are interested in! If it is not in my wheelhouse, I will do my best to direct you to another artist.


How durable is this jewelry?

These pieces are wearable art. They are made with lots of care and my best design to have them be durable over long periods of use. They can however dull, chip, or be damaged in other ways during use and storage and you know… like anything else in this life, what you put them through! I am not responsible for any of this wear and tear… however, I can offer repairs!


My piece is messed up! What can I do…?

Should you need anything repaired or altered, please email me at jen@jenpape.com to coordinate. There may be a small fee associated with repairs and alterations which will be quoted to you. You can also totally keep rocking it as is! If there is any exposed steel, there is risk of rust. To offset this, you can oil the piece.


I’m hosting a fundraiser, would you like to donate?

I’m always open to donating products if it is within my current capacity. Please email me at jen@jenpape.com to inquire.